Why does dental cleaning cost vary so much among clinics?

High volume and fast paced clinics can offer you the service at a lower price.
Ask your doctor and staff if the doctor is present the entire procedure while your pet is under general anesthesia.





Level of anesthesia protocol and anesthesia monitoring.
Ask your doctor and staff what kind of monitoring they offer during the procedure.

Level of dental cleaning and treatment.
Ask your doctor how confident he/she is with surgical extraction.
Ask how much extra education he/she had received in dentistry.
Ultrasonic cleaning and hand scaling are both important.
Periodontal treatment and deep gingival cleaning is very important when your pet has severe dental disease.

Level of patient care during recovery and postoperative care.
Did you know many of the anesthesia related death happens during recovery?
It is critical to monitor individual pet closely during recovery time as well as during the procedure.
We keep pets on Intravenous fluid throughout and after the procedure which helps with their fast recovery.

Dr. Lim at GHAHC, Great Hearts Animal Hospital of Chandler