Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Why annual wellness exam when my dog only needs vaccines once every 3 years?
  • Vaccine is only a small portion of wellness examination. Wellness exam in Great hearts animal hospital includes thorough physical exam and consultation including but not limited to nutritional consult, skin care, dental care, puppy training, behavioral consult and more. Annual blood work is a great way to monitor your pet’s health and detect any disease early before they get sick and start showing symptoms. We will make appropriate recommendation on vaccines based on your family and pet’s life style and health status.


    • I can go to a vaccine clinic for simple vaccine appointment for my puppy. Why would I spend more money and time for a consultation and examination?
    •  Puppy visits are very important for planning your puppy’s life long care. There will be basic puppy training, socilization, proper nutritional supplement / diet recommendation, dental care, breed specific genetic predisposition, best time for neutralization, planning for vaccination and wellness exam for their life and more.


      • I did not know canine distempter/parvo vaccine is also every 3 years.
      •  Yes. Vaccines from certain pharmaceutical companies are approved for 3-year duration of immunity. That is what we provide to our canine patients. Feline leukemia vaccine we have has 2-year duration over 1 year. Feline distemper vaccine is every 3-year as well.


        • I had never seen my cat so relaxed at the vet office.
        •  This is the comment we hear very often from our clients. We do our best to provide stress free and fear free experience to our pets and pet parents. Treats, warm hearts, gentle touch, calming music, clean facility and appropriate scheduling and more will make your visit easier.


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