Kam’s blog – One of many Fear free visits at Great Hearts

One day we received a phone call from a pet owner who sounded very worried. She was looking for a veterinary office who can take care of her extremely anxious pet. With previous visits, Kam was required a full sedation for his examination and immunization. His lovely parents had a hard time finding the right office for him. We were recommended by her neighbor who is one of our many loyal clients. We started reviewing his previous medical record throughly to see what we can do to help her pet Kam and her in a better way.

Kam’s family decided to schedule an appointment after a long discussion. Kam is a big, loving, 6 year old American Staffie Mix. He presented to us for his first visit for an annual exam and vaccines. 


With our fear free techniques and implementation, Kam was more at ease walking into our hospital. He stayed with his parents for his exam and he got the vaccines he needed, without any medication or sedation. We were also able to address his fear of thunder and fireworks. With Kam has been so much more comfortable with the recent storms!


We are so very happy that we could provide Kam the space that he needed to get his medical care completed and can’t wait to see him next year. His story shows just how important it is that we take our time to get to know exactly what pet needs, and collaborate with pet parents on exactly what it can look like.


Fear Free is something that our team is passionate about. Fear Free can be sedation, medication, quiet voices, pheromone diffusers, music, less restraint, tasty treats or letting your pet warm up to our hospital and staff at their own pace with great patience. 


We take time to develop a Fear Free plan for each and EVERY pet that walks into our office.  


Do you have questions about Fear Free visits? Call our office at 480-895-3223, we would love to chat with you!