Cats are not small dogs.

Cats currently are the most popular pet in America, and they are considered as a family member by many cat owners. Despite these facts, cats do not receive the veterinary care they need. A poor understanding of the differences between cats and dogs has harmed many felines.

Cats have critical differences from dogs, anatomically, genetically, and metabolically. Some of the diseases that we treat in cats, such as obesity, diabetes, intestinal inflammation, bladder and kidney problems, stem from feeding and treating cats as if they were dogs. Understanding these differences helps us nurture and treat our feline companions more successfully.

Here at Great Hearts Animal Hospital, GHAHC, we understand the special care that cats need. We are able to prevent and treat diseases that can be caused by trying to nurture and treat an obligate carnivore as if they are a dog.

A few suggestions for the cat owners;


  • Cats need high levels of meat-based protein to survive.
  • If a cat does not urinate, it is an emergency situation!
  • Don’t share medications between dogs and cats.
  • Cats often hide their illness, keep your eyes on them.
  • Cats are sensitive. Their mental health is just as important as their physical health.


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