I totally understand but the answer is No.

There are two main reasons.

First, as a Fear Free Certified professional, I do believe pet’s emotional health is as important as physical health.
Cleaning teeth without anesthesia is so terrifying to any pets.

Imagine taking your 3 year old child to a dentist for decay treatment with no pain medication, no anesthesia and instead they wrap your child in a blanket and hold him/her tight.

We offer high quality anesthesia protocol tailored to every individual patient.
I do stay close and monitor the patient the entire procedure.

Surprisingly, it is not the same in every clinic.

Second, it is impossible to clean beneath the gumline to prevent periodontal disease, nor to identify problems before they become painful and cause severe disease.

Please ask many questions to your veterinarian before you take your pet for dental cleaning and make the right choice for your pet.

Below is the link to American Veterinary Dental College website for more details.

Dr. Lim at GHAHC, Great Hearts Animal Hospital of Chandler