Do you have a dog with bad skin disease that doesn’t seem to get better?
Meet Bella!

When I first met Bella in October 2016,
her owners were losing hope after several failures with her skin treatment over the past two years.

She was miserable with itch skin all along. These two photos are from the first visit.

ghahc_great_hearts_animal_hospital_bella_skin_problem_before_2 ghahc_great_hearts_animal_hospital_bella_skin_problem_before_1


Bella’s skin is shown in the last two photos. (1 month, 3 months after treatment)

ghahc_great_hearts_animal_hospital_bella_skin_problem_after_1 ghahc_great_hearts_animal_hospital_bella_skin_problem_after_2


Bella’s dad said she is happy and playful again.
Her family is so happy that she can be part of the family again playing with their two year old boys.

Don’t lose hope!!
Please call us at 480-895-3223 with any questions and concerns you may have.