What is cat only hour at GHAHC?

We have a certain time and day of the week that we see feline friends only.
Simply call us today and talk to one of our friendly staff for more information.

Why does annual exam at GHAHC take longer?

Most cat owners believe that they take their cats to the veterinarian each year ‘for shots’. Most feline vaccines are given annually for maximum efficacy.

Cats age much faster than humans do. (See age chart from the previous blog posting.) For this reason your cat undergoes a significant amount of changing and aging each year. This is the real important reason for the annual comprehensive exam.

When you bring your cat to Great Hearts Animal Hospital of Chandler for the annual comprehensive exam, please be prepared for more than a quick in and out visit. Please allow enough time in your schedule for us to do a very thorough annual health check.

Dr. Sarah Kanagy examines Beans at Blum Animal Hospital

You will be greeted by Dr Lim and a technician together from the beginning of your appointment.  Dr Lim likes to spend more time with the clients and pets to answer their questions that has not been answered in the past. Please bring all the questions you have. Bring all the medications or supplement your cat is taking.

Dr Lim will perform a very thorough physical examination and explain to you as she goes through each part. Each abnormality will be discussed thoroughly and each success we will celebrate together. Our goal is to help you to educate how to prevent disease and detect any disease in early stage for your pet’s long healthy life.

For cats starting at 4 years of age (32yrs old in human years), we recommend blood test as a part of annual comprehensive exam. This includes kidney, liver, protein, calcium, glucose, electrolytes, red blood cell, white blood cell and more. We do need a very small amount of blood sample since our in-house blood machine has a new technology which requires minimum amount of sample.

For some cats, blood and urine will be taken to perform testa for specific diseases. These test will be chosen based on physical exam findings, lifestyle, age and risk factors. Individually chosen vaccines based on disease risk factors and lifestyle will be given by Dr Lim.

Dr Lim will review all the lab results and treatment plan with you before you leave the office in about 30-35 minutes once we collect samples.

This is important to detect many disease in their early, and usually treatable stages.

If we detect anything in early stage, Dr Lim will discuss any diet change, adding supplement or sometimes we need to start your cat on medication to slow the progression of the disease.